Founded in 1992, Head Group is an international cellulose ether and HPMC capsule production and service enterprise. Have 4 major divisions, with business covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world
Shandong Head Group Co., Ltd.

Company Headquarters Address:
China. Shandong. Zibo. Head Road No. 999

General Manager's Office Tell: 0533-6550185
Brand Promotion Department Tell: 0533-6598965


Cellulose Ether Division

Tel: 0533-3190661/3190551
Email: sales@sdhead.com

Healsee Capsule Division

Tel: 0533-6126686
Website: www.healsee.net
Email: sales@healsee.net

Chemical Equipment Division

Tel: 0533-6681111/0533-6680886
Website: www.sdheadsm.com
Email: sdheadsmsb@sdhead.com

Fortune Chemical Division

Tel: 0086-533-3190661
Website: www.sdhead-fc.com
Email: ytfchg@sdhead-fc.com

Head Solution

Tel: (+34) 91 736 44 00
Website:: https://inprocaps.eu/
Email: info@headsolutions.eu

Head USA

Tel: (917) 295-6713/ (516) 433-0926
Website: www.sdheadusa.com
Email: michaelc@sdheadusa.com