Head will adhere to the corporate vision of “We are committed to Making Human Beings Healthier and the Environment More Friendly", and will do our utmost to promote the Group's high-quality development.
Head Sustainable Development Strategy

Head actively participate and contribute to the sustainable development.We establish and continuously improve ESG governance structure and management policies.We emphasize communication with stakeholders and promote a win-win situation for the economy, environment, and society.

Head Target of Greenhouse Carbon Gas Emission

In order to cope with the challenges from global climate change and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, Head has announced that it will peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Carbon peak


Carbon neutrality
Environmental investment

With the vision of "We are Committed to Making Human Beings Healthier and the Environment More Friendly", Head insists on promoting sustainable development. Through the improvement of the organizational structure, the establishment of an internal environmental protection system and continuous capital investment, the company's various pollutant emissions meet the relevant national emission standards. The company pays attention to the construction of environmental protection system, and the ISO14001 system continues to operate effectively.

Environmental Protection

With the increase of environmental protection requirements and the rapid development of environmental treatment technology, the company has introduced advanced wastewater and waste gas treatment technology, constructed environmental treatment upgrading and transformation projects, and comprehensively improved the level of waste water and waste gas treatment. The project is divided into two parts: VOC treatment and wastewater treatment, with a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan and an area of more than 40 acres.

Social Responsibility

Devotion to Public Welfare

We never forget our original passion of contributing to our society. We actively engage, participateand support diversified public welfare activities: Volunteer Service Work, Helping elderly house,charity donation, supporting students etc.

  • In recent years, Head Group has donated a total of over 6 million yuan in various social welfare funds.

  • At the end of 2021, Mr. Bi Yudong, Chairman and the board, personally invested 10 million yuan to establish the "Aiju Fund" in the name of his mother, Ms. Yang Aiju, to provide relief and assistance to enterprise employees, promoting common economic and social development.

Protecting Employee Rights, Caring People Development

“Caring People Development” has been always at the top agenda of Head. We care about the work, life, health, and safety of our employees, we effectively protect their rights and interests, maintain stable and harmonious labor relations, enhance corporate cohesive force in order to achieve common growth of our employees and our Company.

The various and colorful employee activities including team buildings have promoted the communication among employees. Head has set up series of Employee Care Benefits such as vocation days, birthday party or gifts, employee’ s children scholarships, health care lectures, etc., this makes our employees feel warm, care and enhances more belongings.


We are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance to keep investors well informed of the Group's management and development. We believe that good corporate governance is essential for us to build sustainable value for our shareholders.

  • We always adhere to the law of Corporate Governance, continuously improve compliance policies and systems, and has revised policies such as the Employee Handbook, Internal Audit System, and Code of Business Ethics. And we integrated compliance principles into our management system and employee behaviors.
  • We kept high standards of business ethics, and insisted "zero tolerance" towards corruption andviolations of business ethics. Head tries to eliminate all anti-business-ethics behaviors, and continuouslyimprove the level of integrity and compliance management.
Sustainability Report